Bible, Character, Christianity, Church History, World Religions


Remembering God’s Awesome Acts & Remembering God’s Chosen Children by Susan Mortimer [Note, while these are not really “Living Books,” but more of a curriculum guide, they are well worth using if you plan to teach Biblical history. They are a very rich curriculum in themselves for history, writing, art for a year or so. They are suitable for multiple ages and easily adapt to the Charlotte Mason style. This is useable thru high school if desired–it is written for multiple ages.

Elementary and Middle Years

Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick

Bible Hereos and Bad Guys by Rick Osborne [Osbore has written several books for kids drawn from the Bible. They may not “look” like “living books” but to reluctant readers–especially boys–they are a great way to get some Bible knowledge and have fun doing it. My son learned so much from all of the ones he read–and years later still retains what he learned!]

Little Pilgrim’s Progress by Helen Taylor [This is a contemporary re-telling of John Bunyan’s classic. If you’ve not read Pilgrim’s Progress if may be helpful to read this version. Very good for reluctant readers.]

Lord’s Prayer by Tim Ladwig

Mary and Marth’a House by Allia Zobel Nolan [Out-of-print and included mostly for sentimental reasons. When my children were little we read this hundreds of time. Each time looking for the kitty! Definitely not worth the ridiculous prices quoted at this link, but a lovely little book if you find it for $2 or $3 and have very little ones]

Trial and Triumph by Richard Hannula

23rd Psalm by Tim Ladwig


Beautiful Girlhood [edition by Karen Andreola in modern language] This is appropriate for girls in the Middle and Upper Years

Created for Work: Practical Insights for Young Men by Bob Schultz [May be used in Middle and Upper Years]

Death be not Proud by John Gunther [If your reluctant male reader is into chemistry this one may get read]

Eric by Doris Lund [Soccer fans should like this, so possible for reluctant readers who are soccer fans]

Footsteps of a Pilgrim by Ruth Bell Graham

Genesis: Finding Our Roots by Ruth Beechick [While most reluctant readers would not do an actual study, there are things in here that WILL catch their attention. Don’t force it.]

In His Steps by Charles Sheldon

Jesus Freaks by DC Talk [Good for reluctant readers]

Just as I am by Billy Graham

A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall

A Passion for the Impossible by Miriam Rockness [Middle/Upper Years]

Twelve Extraordinar Women by John MacArthur [For those who like workbooks, there is a separate one you can purchase to accompany this book.]

Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur [For those who like workbooks, there is a separate one you can purchase to accompany this book.]


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