READ THIS FIRST!! About this blog!!

This list is my personal “expansion” of the fabulous curriculum found at Ambleside Online. I’ve focused my list on families who would like more modern literature–often to support struggling or impatient readers, but not exclusively so. It is not meant to be a totally “separate” curriculum–just a means of supplementing Ambleside or other Charlotte Mason curricula with modern living books. Some books DO appear on both lists, but many are unique to this list. It is my hope that homeschooling parents will take time to fully read the modern language or original language version of Miss Mason’s excellent books on home education which can also be found at Ambleside Online and elsewhere on the web or in print.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!! Some pages are still empty, so check back!

“Modern” is more a question of tone and language than mere date, but for the most part the books here are at least since World War II and most most are much newer than that. In addition, I’ve offered a list of books [often recommended to me by other homeschool moms] that have helped me help my student or have helped me to better understand the learning process, need for a subject or something else. This blog is a “living book” as well–living in that it will continue to grow over time. I welcome suggestions of other books to include. I’ve also added the study of modern music– Rock and Roll, Jazz, Rap, Swing, CCM and others and some resources to help aspiring song writers and recording engineers. Lastly, the arts also include ballet and opera. You will find each of these on a separate page–use the tabs above to navigate.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!! Some pages are still empty, so check back!

NOTE: Each family has their own standard of “decent” literature, “appropriate” language and content. Some of the books here may not meet your personal standard. Please do not flame me–I am being very up-front that parents with such concerns must fully examine materials first to see if they are “appropriate” to their family’s standards and beliefs. Although I AM a Christian, I am not very censorious of my children’s reading as long as the book has what I call “real merit.” While I do prefer books without sex, unnecessary violence or profanity, these are parts of worldy life that even Christians must occasionally endure. Please use your OWN judgment!

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!! Some pages are still empty, so check back!


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